First Tracts Real Estate History

The company known today as First Tracts Real Estate rose from humble origins to become one of the most prominent real estate businesses in the locale of Snowshoe Mountain. Upon graduating from West Virginia University, co-owners Peter Monico and Dave Simmons, earning degrees in business/communications and business respectively, began to work for Playground Destination Properties, gaining knowledge and wisdom with respect to the real estate market in the region. With three years under their belt, Pete and Dave decided to branch out, resolving to create their own real estate business on the mountain.

 In April of 2007, First Tracts was formed. Spurred by the creation of the Black Bear Crossing development, First Tracts had a successful come up. Two years later, during the winter of ’08-’09, the company began the popular Rental Management Division of the company, managing only a handful of properties.

This part of the business has grown quickly over the years. Today, First Tracts manages over a hundred homes, varying in the size of the units, and the developments they are found in. Prioritizing prominent levels of customer service, many clients and visitors have found contentment within First Tracts Management.

The current office building was constructed in 2011 (Check out the Virtual Tour of this beautifully designed and decorated building!) In 2012, First Tracts added a Housekeeping & Maintenance Division to the brand. Shortly thereafter, in 2014, the company constructed a 900 sq./ft. laundry facility.

First Tracts Real Estate and Rentals continues to help guests realize their ideal vacation getaways. By planning construction of five new homes in Black Bear Crossing, as well as the beginning initial development of eight, slope-slide acres on pristine Snowshoe Mountain, further locations for our guests to enjoy are on the docket in the future. We look forward to assisting you as we strive to provide the best customer service, at quality prices, as we deliver the vacation of your dreams!