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Arbovale Loop Trail

This West Virginia Mountain Biking trail offers great paved biking near the Pocahontas County border. Passing by not only the gigantic Green Bank Observatory, but also some beautiful landscapes and historic old homes and churches, the Arbovale's 16 mile loop is quite popular among mountain bikers.

The Pocahontas Biking Trail

This 20 mile West Virginia Mountain Biking Trail offers great views of different mountain peaks in Pocahontas County, Greenbrier County, and Webster County. The trail varies in elevation and offers both easy biking terrain and more strenuous sections as well. Located near the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center, the trailhead is well marked and gated.

Seneca State Forest West Virginia Mountain Biking

The Seneca State Forest offers numerous West Virginia Mountain Biking opportunities with great trails like the Allegheny Trail, Clover Lick Road, Thorny Creek Trail, and The Hilltop Loop Trail. Offering great places for beginners and more challenging, steep grades for experienced mountain bikers, this is a great place to bike to enjoy the view and wildlife. The Seneca Forest Trail, Clover Lick Road offers a convenient connector to the Greenbrier River Trail, another great West Virginia Mountain biking area.

The Cranberry Backcountry Wilderness

The Cranberry Backcountry is located west of the Cranberry Wilderness Area and is a designated mountain biking, horseback riding and fishing area. With several beautiful trails, many of which follow along the Cranberry River, the Cranberry Backcountry contains not only beautiful mountain scenery but abundant wildlife as well. Enjoy West Virginia Mountain Biking in one of the most remote areas of the Monongahela National Forest, the Cranberry Backcountry. The Cranberry Wilderness is located within the Gauley Ranger District.

West Virginia Mountain Biking in the Gauley Mountain Area

The Gauley Mountain area near Slatyfork, W.V. is a great place to go biking as it offers several miles of great roads and other maintained trails. A few of the trails are posted and you must purchase a biking permit to access them. However, there are many others that are free and open to the public. This area is perfect for beginners, as well as expert riders. To access, take State Route 219/1 to Forest Road 24; it is in the Marlinton Ranger District.

Denmar Road

Denmar Road starts in Hillsboro, W.V. and takes riders on a fun adventure that leads over historic covered bridges like the Locust Creek Covered Bridge, and past some spectacular mountain surroundings. This old country road is quite remote and offers plenty of peace and quiet in the mountains.