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Allegheny Trail

The Allegheny Trail was West Virginia’s first long distance WV Hiking Trail with over 330 miles maintained and preserved specifically for West Virginia Hiking. Passing through Durbin and the Seneca State Forest, and by West Virginia Tourist Attractions like the Green Bank Observatory and the Watoga State Park, the Allegheny Trail is popular among hikers, mountain bikers, backpackers and even fishermen. Horses and four wheel vehicles are not allowed on the Allegheny Trail. The Allegheny Trail West Virginia is sectioned into four separate tracts of trail with each segment managed by a different set of volunteers. This West Virginia Hiking trail offers some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the area.

Cranberry Wilderness Area Trails

The Cranberry Mountain Wilderness Area is one of the most serene and remote areas in the region. Situated between Pocahontas County and Webster County, this wonderfully preserved region covers 35,000 acres of thick forests and is home to over 60 miles of West Virginia hiking trails. Hikers are not the only lovers of this renowned wilderness area; fishermen regularly visit the wilderness area’s numerous streams and lakes. Horseback riding and ATV vehicles are not allowed in the Cranberry Mountain West Virginia area. However, if you want to horseback ride there are a few wonderful places to enjoy. One such area is in the southern side of the Cranberry Wilderness Area, an area situated between Forest Service Road 102 and the Frosty Gap Trail. This region covers 26,000 acres of forest and is known as the Cranberry Backcountry. Here the slopes of Kennison Mountain reveal some great spots to venture via horseback, and most are also used for mountain biking and hiking.

Greenbrier River Trail

The Greenbrier River Trail is one of West Virginia’s most exciting West Virginia Hiking trails and was recently named a Millennium Legacy Trail for West Virginia. The Greenbrier River WV Trail extends 78 miles into the West Virginia wilderness and takes West Virginia hikers over 35 bridges, and under 2 neat tunnels. This WV Hiking Trail runs parallel with the Greenbrier River, which is the longest free flowing river east of the Mississippi River. The Greenbrier River Trail can be accessed near the northern end of the trail at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park or at the beginning of the trail near Caldwell in Greenbrier County WV.

North Fork Mountain Trail

Outside Magazine called this West Virginia trail one of the best in the state, as it offers 24 miles of great hiking along the northern section of the mountains. Following the ridge line of the majestic North Fork Mountain, hikers can enjoy the numerous overlooks near Seneca Rocks, and view the gigantic rocky outcroppings that appear every few yards or so. The mountain scenery along this trail is stunning,but be sure to pack a lot of water along with you as there are few mountain rivers and streams along the North Fork Mountain Trail.

Seneca Rocks/ High Meadows Trail

This hiking trail area features a popular loop hike which takes hikers through the Seneca Creek Backcountry with its beautiful rolling meadows, waterfalls, and gorgeous rivers. By hiking in this area, you can easily reach Seneca Creek and see the beautiful Upper Falls of Seneca, a gorgeous West Virginia Waterfall that is a spectacular place to snap some pictures. If you continue on you’ll come to the High Meadows Trail which takes you through valleys near the old logging trail which is often a bit muddy due to flooding in the area.

Shavers Mountain Trail

This WV Hiking Trail is located atop beautiful Shavers Mountain, a high and rugged ridge located in West Virginia’s Allegheny Mountains. At just 10 miles long, the Shavers Mountain Trail is a popular WV Hiking spot, however the trails here are of a higher grade and require more strength than the average trail in the area. Offering spectacular mountain scenery, as well as some great spots to fish, the Shavers Mountain Trail is one of the most famous hiking trails in West Virginia.

West Fork Trail

The West Fork Trail is a West Virginia Hiking trail located in northern Pocahontas County and is located along the gorgeous West Fork of the Greenbrier River. The 26 mile long trail follows an old railroad grade and is one of the better railroad turned hiking trail areas in West Virginia. With a very gentle grade, hikers can enjoy the stunning scenery and blooming wildflowers each spring and summer. The West Fork Trail leads to a remote section of wilderness near the Greenbrier River watershed which provides a great, rural experience in the mountains. In the winter time, visitors use the West Fork Trail for West Virginia cross country skiing. The area is open to hikers, bird watchers, and fishermen. However, no hunting, horseback riding, or ATV vehicles are allowed on the West Fork Trail.