Thirdhome is the world’s largest private travel club for luxury second home owners. With over 14,000 properties across 100 countries, THIRDHOME cultivates an exclusive, members-only home-sharing community passionate about luxury destinations and experiences. THIRDHOME is unlike any other home exchange or travel club. You can travel the world and stay in luxurious accommodations without the expense of nightly rental rates. By offering a few available weeks in your home, you receive travel credits to stay in other members’ homes, rent-free.

Instead, you’ll pay an
  exchange fee that ranges from $495 to $1,395 for an entire week-long stay. With over 1,700 destinations to choose from, you’ll never have to visit the same place twice. Joining this exclusive community of like-minded individuals will allow you to  trade your time at Snowshoe Resort for stays in spectacular destinations around the world. Based in North America and Europe, THIRDHOME has earned praise from Condé Nast Traveler, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Ready to join?

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