The Backstory of Snowshoe Mountain

Snowshoe Mountain first opened to the public on December 19, 1974. The opening attracted some 26,000 skiers with Cupp Run Slope giving Snowshoe a vertical drop of over 1500 feet. The land on which Snowshoe now stands had previously been home to loggers and railroaders.

In those days, the only buildings were the Shaver’s Center, the old pump house, a water treatment plant, and dorms for employees. There weren’t even accommodations available where guests could stay and the closest lodgings were over 40 minutes away in Marlinton!

The Backstory of Snowshoe Mountain

Today the village has just about everything you could possibly want for a comfortable and fun-filled stay at any time of the year.

Covering a total area of 11,000 acres in the Appalachian Mountain Range, Snowshoe Mountain is the second highest point in the state at 4,848’ elevation. It was named as one of the top 20 ski resorts in the east by Ski Magazine in 2016.

Snowshoe Mountain provides terrific outdoor winter recreation, gourmet dining, shopping, wedding and convention areas.

The Backstory of Snowshoe Mountain The Backstory of Snowshoe Mountain

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