The Best Season for a Snowshoe Mountain Wedding

When you’re planning an outdoor wedding one of the most important factors to consider is the weather. You can’t imagine a more beautiful place for a wedding ceremony than on top of a mountain like Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia.

The Best Season for Snowshoe Mountain Weddings

Besides the obvious concern over rain there should be equal consideration to extreme summer heat and strong winds. Somewhere between all of these extreme elements of weather that Mother Nature throws at us are some very beautiful days quite suitable for an exquisite Snowshoe Mountain wedding no matter where on the mountain you hold it.

Spring days during March and April are chock full of some beautiful days with a few chilly days with strong winds scattered in. May, June and July are probably the best days to schedule a wedding on Snowshoe Mountain before the heat of summer arrives. Keep in mind the later in the season you hold your wedding, the warmer it will be. By mid- to late September it will begin to cool off.

The Best Season for Snowshoe Mountain Weddings

Whether you’re planning a place to hold your ceremony, your reception, or need to make reservations for the bridal party and guests coming from out of town, First Tracts can set you up in style!

Making plans for a Snowshoe Mountain wedding takes time so start early and it’s anybody’s guess as to what the forecast holds for months into the future. The best advice is to make your plans for a mountain top wedding but have an alternate back-up plan just in case of inclement weather. That way you’re prepared no matter what Mother Nature offers up.