Events in December You Can’t Miss

Events in December You Can't Miss!

Opening day for skiing is just a few days away, but that only means that the fun is about to begin on the mountain. If you and your family are longing for an early trip to Snowshoe Mountain this year to learn how to ski, then December is the perfect time of the year to visit. After you and your family decide when you’d like to come visit, there are some pretty exciting things happening on the slopes. Let’s look at some of the fun events that are coming to the area for the month of December.

Free Lesson Day & WV Free Ski Day

Events in December You Can't Miss!

Do you and your family live in West Virginia and would like to ski? This is the perfect event for you and your family to attend this year. On Sunday, December 9th come to the mountain and ski for free. If you don’t know how to ski, then take a free lesson. What a wonderful trip you can make the weekend by staying in one of our Ski In/Ski Out vacation rentals and ski for free! Just make sure that you bring a valid ID and proof of residency so that you and your family can get a free lift ticket. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Winter Brew Fest

Are you looking for a fun adult adventure that you and your loved one can take part in? Come to the Winter Brew Fest that is being held on Saturday, December 15th from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Your ticket will include a sampling glass, tickets and enjoy live entertainment throughout the evening for some great adult fun! Get your tickets today before they are all gone! Just have a great time enjoying some fun maybe with some friends while you are on vacation in the mountains this year.

Holiday Celebrations

Events in December You Can't Miss!

Come to Snowshoe Mountain for the Holidays this year and ski away with the family. From December 21st to January 1st there will be different activities that you and the family can attend. From competition races to holiday crafts to classes that you can take part in. Plus get the chance to meet Santa and his friends on the slopes! Don’t miss out on the holiday fun this year!

There are many other activities and events happening during the month of December but there are the ones we’d thought your family would enjoy. If you’d like to come sit by the fire while you watch others ski, you can do that. Sometimes just spending a holiday away from your home can be a relaxing vacation for everyone. We at First Tracts hope that you and your family have a wonderful winter vacation to Snowshoe Mountain this December!