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Buffalo Lake

This 21-acre lake is in northern Pocahontas County, West Virginia, and stocks the largest amount of trout out of all the  WV Trout Fishing areas. July through September, avid anglers can enjoy fishing for not only beautiful mountain trout, but also smallmouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish. Located just off US-250 on US Forest Service Route 54, Buffalo Lake is a wonderful place to enjoy fishing in West Virginia.

Cranberry River

This West Virginia river is a tributary of the enormous Gauley River, and is located in the beautiful southeastern West Virginia mountains. Historically known as Cranberry Creek, the Cranberry River offers a number of places to enjoy some West Virginia trout fishing. The Cranberry River forms in southwestern Pocahontas County at the confluence of its north and south forks. The longer of the two forks, the South Fork, is 9 miles in length and arises atop Cranberry Mountain at an elevation of 4,600 feet. Passing through the Cranberry Glades Botanical Area, the South Fork of the Cranberry River is a stunning place. The Cranberry flows for the next 24 miles past its confluence, through the Monongahela National Forest, and continues on to the Gauley River. Much of the lands along the banks of the Cranberry River are managed by the Forest Service creating some great remote areas to enjoy WV trout fishing.

Edray Trout Hatchery

Located in Marlinton, this great West Virginia fishing attraction offers visitors a chance to see the hatchlings and spawning of rainbow, brook, brown and golden mountain trout varieities which are eventually sent to the numerous West Virginia Trout Fishing spots. Located on Woodrow Road just off of Route 219.


The Elk River

The Elk River is a beautiful river that flows for 172 miles through central West Virginia. As a major tributary of the Kanawha River, the Elk River is the longest river in West Virginia. This pristine West Virginia River begins high in the Allegheny Mountains in Pocahontas County, near the community of Slatyfork. It begins where two short streams, Big Spring Fork and Old Field Fork, join and flow for a few miles before flowing underground for more than 5 miles. 

The Elk River in West Virginia flows in a westward course and forms beautiful Sutton Lake via a dam managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The best West Virginia trout fishing waters are located in the upper section of the Elk River, above Sutton Lake, West Virginia,. Here the waters are cold and the Elk River's rich alkaline environment help the native mountain trout to thrive and spawn. Below Sutton Lake West Virginia the Elk River's waters are warmer creating some great areas to fish for not only walleye but also smallmouth bass. Several avid anglers try their hand at West Virginia musky fishing here as well, however they can be elusive.

The Greenbrier River

The beautiful Greenbrier River begins at Durbin in Pocahontas County and flows southwest through the scenic towns of Marlinton and Cass. Creating over 162 miles of excellent West Virginia Fly Fishing waters and stunning scenic locations. Flowing parallel with the Greenbrier Hiking Trail and by the Cass WV Railroad, the Greenbrier River offers excellent opportunities for not only WV Trout Fishing but also WV Bass Fishing as well.

Shavers Fork on the Cheat River

Shavers Fork is a major tributary that flows into the Cheat River and is one of the best places to go trout fishing in WV. Shavers Fork begins high atop the highest peak of Cheat Mountain, and home of Snowshoe Ski Resort, Thorny Flat. It then flows 88 miles through the Allegheny Mountains and Monongahela National Forest. Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy the WV trout fishing near beautiful Snowshoe Mountain Resort.

The Williams River

This 33 mile river is a tributary of the great Gauley River, and it flows through eastern central West Virginia. The river begins just 5 miles outside of Marlinton, WV and flows through much of the Monongahela National Forest and through the especially beautiful Cranberry Wilderness Area and Botanical Gardens. Creating some truly stunning landscapes, the Williams River is renowned as one of the best West Virginia trout fishing streams. Here the river's cold, clear waters create the perfect aquatic environment for the some 27,000 pounds of trout that are annually released and stocked in the Williams River by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. This is a West Virginia trout fishing spot you simply don't want to miss.