Where to Go Mountain Biking on Snowshoe Mountain

Beginner and avid mountain bikers will get a thrill at the Snowshoe Bike Park where downhill mountain biking consists of trails that contain naturally rugged terrain and man-made and natural features that will challenge any level rider. A downhill specific mountain bike is recommended when riding the trails in the Snowshoe Bike Park.

Bike Park Map 1

Following is a description of the different levels of trails available at Snowshoe Bike Park:

Easiest: Moderate descents with obstacles such as rocks, gravel, roots, bridges, and water ditches. Must have ridden a bike before using these trails. Trails include: Easy Street, Access Road, Bike Park Left, and Walking Path.

Intermediate: Challenging ride with steep slopes and/or obstacles, possibly on narrow or elevated featured with poor traction. Trails may contain bridges, drops, and jumps. Requires previous off-road riding experience. Trails include: Upper Dreamweaver, Lower Dreamweaver, Lucid, Trail M, Trail O, and Raging Bull.

Bike Park Map 2

Advanced: These trails have a mixture of long, steep descents, loose trail surfaces, rocks, drops, numerous natural and man-made obstacles including jumps, ramps and elevated features and other various terrain. Trails include: Trail D, E, F, G, H, J, K, N, and Giant Slalom.

Expert Only: Without exception, expert mountain bikers should be the only riders on these trails. Some of the elements you will encounter will be large, natural and man-made jumps, elevated narrow features, mandatory drops, long and steep terrain on loose or rock surfaces. Trails include: Trail A, B, and I.

All riders must possess a valid ticket or pass to enter the Bike Park. Before riding always inspect your equipment and have you bike checked by a qualified bike mechanic.